Thetford Launches AquaMAX Treatment

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Thetford Corp. has released its newest North American product line, AquaMAX. AquaMAX is the next evolution of the Thetford holding tank treatment line, Aqua-Kem.

AquaMAX maintains the effectiveness of Aqua-Kem, the company said, but is 100 percent free of formaldehyde and bronopol. Thetford said that made it a good holding tank treatment for RVers and boaters looking to travel the country without concern of campground and marina compliance.

“Thetford has always existed to make the RV lifestyle and mobile living a more pleasant and carefree experience,” stated Barry Eckel, Thetford’s executive vice president, The Americas. “Part of that is eliminating barriers that keep RVers distracted from living the RV lifestyle – and with AquaMAX, our customers will no longer have to worry or switch between different products depending on the varied state-based regulations and campground policies they encounter on their travels.”

A picture of Aqua Spring tank treatmentAlong with being free of formaldehyde and bronopol, AquaMAX totes the same benefits as its former formula. AquaMAX neutralizes odor and breaks down waste to prevent clumping, clogging and tank residue with a triple enzyme blend. This new formula contains beneficial probiotics that optimizes the waste breakdown process. This blend of probiotic enzymes replaces the formerly used chemicals but maintains the same effectiveness in breaking down and deodorizing waste, all while using eco and campground-friendly methods.

“After the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our camper crew, we can’t wait to give our longtime Aqua-Kem customers a superior product that is campground-friendly and compliant with any current and pending regulations,” Eckel stated. “AquaMAX marks a new chapter for Thetford North America, as our entire product range will now be environmentally conscious and formaldehyde free.”

AquaMAX will be available in two new fragrances: Spring Showers and Summer Cypress. The product will come in seven different sizes, including both liquid and water-soluble toss-in packets:

  • 16-pack Toss-Ins® Zip Tip Pouch
  • 30-count Toss-Ins® Tub
  • 8-Pack Dry Packets; 2oz packets
  • 6-Pack; 8oz Liquid Bottles
  • 32oz Liquid Bottle
  • 64oz Liquid Bottle
  • 128oz/1 Gallon Liquid Bottle

Thetford will be previewing and preselling AquaMAX at 2020 fall distributor shows in preparation for a full product launch coming in early 2021. Thetford Corp. is a leading manufacturer of mobile sanitation products for the RV, marine and camping markets.

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