Video: Keystone CEO Jeff Runels Tells Cheddar TV ‘People are Flocking to RVs’

Photo of Jeff Runels Keystone RV President

Jeff Runels, President & CEO of Keystone RV, joined a discussion with Cheddar economic analyst Brad Smith this week to share his view on the quarantine-era boom in the RV industry.

Runels answered questions about recent reports of RV sales spiking across the country, and he gave a few insights as to the factors fueling the surge of new RVers. He said Keystone RV had never weathered a crisis and subsequent boom like the coronavirus pandemic presented, but that the company is hopeful for the future.

“We, like many, haven’t experienced anything like this before, but from everything we’re seeing from dealers and everything we’re seeing from the front lines, people are ready to get out, and RVs are the best way to do that,” Runels said. “Everything that you’re hearing and seeing out there seems to be true: People are flocking to RVs.”

When asked how much a typical RV vacation costs, Runels pointed to another attractive aspect of becoming an RVer. Runels said that because there are so many different price points and simply “so many different ways to RV,” RV travel can be suited for a wide range of customers.

“With everything going on, we’re talking about being able to take all your own stuff, being able enjoy your own amenities and cook your own food, and that seems to be resonating with a lot of people,” Runels said.

Runels joined the video call from an office in Goshen, IN. Watch the full Cheddar interview below:


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