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Holiday Rambler’s new Armada 44LE type A diesel pusher will feature several residential-style amenities with an eye towards luxury. Standard among the three Armada floorplans is the Aqua-Hot Heating Systems 400D hydronic heater. The heating system warms the motorhome and provides continuous hot water.

The Aqua-Hot 400D delivers 65,600 Btu/hour of heat to the Armada 44LE through subfloor heating in the living area and seven exchangers. Unlike electric solutions that blow dry air, the 400D provides soft currents of convection warmth to maintain an even temperature inside the RV, from floor to ceiling. Dual-zone capabilities offer the ability to optimize comfort in different living spaces within the RV’s 420 square feet.

The Armada 44LE features four sinks, a shower stall, a washing machine and outside utility hose. The tankless Aqua-Hot 400D handles the hot water needs of the motorhome when running on diesel by delivering a constant flow of 112-degree water at 1.5 gallons per minute.

A picture of the inside of Holiday Rambler Armada 44LE. The decorating features white sofas and cabinetry with gray flooring and walls. The picture shows from the living room through the RV's kitchen back towards the bedroom.Since the Armada 44LE is a smart RV, the Aqua-Hot 400D heat and water are controlled with the motorhome’s networked Firefly touchscreen or via the Firefly Vega Touch mobile app.

The Aqua-Hot 400D can run on both diesel fuel drawn directly from the RV’s 100-gallon tank and AC park power. To keep fumes away from the entertainment area and neighbors, the heating system exhausts out the back.

“The Aqua-Hot 400D was selected for the Armada 40M, 44B and 44LE because of its proven efficient dual-zone heating and on-demand endless supply of hot water,” said Don Gephart, REV RV Group marketing manager. Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based REV Group is a leading manufacturer of luxury type A and B motorhomes, travel trailers and truck campers. Holiday Rambler is one of its well-known brands.

“We’ve been a committed partner to the REV RV Group and their predecessor companies for many years,” said Mark Davis, Aqua-Hot Heating Systems national sales manager. “We’re honored that they place their trust in our products and unparalleled service as they continue to lead the Class A segment.”

Airxcel is headquartered in Wichita, Kansas. It is comprised of seven operating divisions and brands in recreation vehicle heating, cooling, ventilation and cooking, as well as industrial cooling and environmental control.

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