Water Heater Expands in Mexico, North America

A picture of Australian RV manufacturer Aus J Hot Water Solutions' 12V-240V Duoetto 10-litre hot water system.

Australian RV manufacturer Aus J Hot Water Solutions is introducing its 12V-240V Duoetto 10-litre hot water system to Mexico. The supplier offers systems to OEMs seeking an easily fitted, non-polluting hot water system for hygiene and cleaning.

Aus J has sold more than 30,000 water heaters worldwide to DIY adventurers and to RV manufacturers in North America and around the globe.

Aus J’s stated its green design curtails fossil fuel fumes and emits no carbon monoxide or other hazardous and flammable gases in confined spaces.

Australian RV manufacturer Aus J Hot Water Solutions's 12V-240V Duoetto 10-litre hot water system.
Australian RV manufacturer Aus J Hot Water Solutions’s 12V-240V Duoetto 10-litre hot water system.

The Australian-designed Duoetto MK2 water heater offers selectable temperatures between 86-158 degrees on 240V allowing for showers, washing and cleaning whether mains power is available, precluding the need to store and carry additional fossil fuels on land or on the water.

Andres Elizundia, 36, works in digital sales with Citibank Mexico, and plans to travel throughout the country with friends in his Scout off-road trailer from Mexican company Camp Pro. The camper is fully equipped for off-grid living by Brahler, another Mexican company, and includes the Duoetto..

“I’m very happy to be able to shift away from gas into electric water heating — safer and more reliable,” Elizundia said. “I was also very pleased by its moderate power consumption — it took 50 amps out of my 500Ah LifePO4 Li battery to heat up a full tank up to 65°C.  I use this heater to allow for four persons to take a quick shower while camping.”

And sometimes, a dog, Chloe. Aus J Managing Director Jay King said people traveling with pets is a worldwide phenomenon.

“This big shift to RV adventuring is not going to stop as we move out of Covid restrictions,” King said. “We now have had a whole new group introduced to RV travel during Covid restrictions – a huge influx of younger people, of women, of families who travel with children and pets, more than ever before. For us, this is opening up new markets worldwide.”


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