Winnebago Study Reveals Consumers’ Outdoor Recreation Zeal

A picture of four friends camping outdoors, two of whom are sitting and white and two of whom are standing and Black

Winnebago Industries unveiled findings from its first comprehensive consumer research initiative on outdoor recreation that showed 89% of outdoor enthusiasts plan to head outdoors over the next year.

“Winnebago Industries is excited to roll out a new, concerted effort in sharing our insights into the health of the outdoor recreation industry,” Winnebago President and CEO Michael Happe said. “This initial report showcases how important exposure to the outdoors is for so many consumers. The idea that outdoor interest would recede with loosening COVID-19 restrictions is false. We are seeing that the popularity of outdoor activities may continue to grow.”

The survey, taken during July and August, showed outdoor activity increased 19% over the past two years.

A main reason people are heading and staying outdoors, the study said, is people are challenging themselves. Seventy percent of outdoor enthusiasts said sharing experiences with others was a key motivator in their decision. Over the last two years, 22% said participating in outdoor recreation is a great way to connect with family and friends.

According to the study, younger generations are engaging for different reasons than their older counterparts.

Young travelers are more likely than older generations to cite stress relief and alone time as outdoor activity benefits, the study found. When asked what outdoor recreation manufacturers can do to make outdoor experiences better, 69% of Gen-Y and Gen-Z travelers surveyed said they wanted a mobile app to guide them through activities.

“Younger generations have come to expect more around their entire outdoor experience,” Winnebago Chief Marketing Officer Amber Holm said. “They seek ease and convenience when planning, so once they get to their destination or activity, they can realize the benefits of stress relief and enjoying nature sooner. We will continue to focus our efforts in the areas of consumer experience; the rollout of the Winnebago app is one recent example of our commitment in this area.”

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