Xantrex Unveils Updated Lithium-Ion Power Solution

A picture of Xantrex's Freedom eGen Max battery diagram

Xantrex’s enhanced version of its Freedom eGen lithium-ion system is coming to the RV market as a hybrid power solution for off-grid experiences.

The Freedom eGen Max will integrate with the RV’s engine and electrical system to automatically charge the battery and provide climate control, stated Xantrex, a Mission Control Electronics subsidiary.

“Xantrex is building on the success of their revolutionary Freedom eGen lithium-ion power system, which has become a benchmark for energy storage and power,” Xantrex VP and General Manager John Kalbfleisch said. “The Freedom eGen Max is a step above the standard.”

The product’s integration technology eliminates manual power control monitoring and generator use, Xantrex stated. The update’s “most significant innovation” is heating and air conditioning through RV factory vents.

Integrated climate control means the potential elimination of an additional air conditioner unit on the RV roof, Xantrex stated. Less air condition units frees up space for addition renewable power sources that enhance battery life, such as solar.

“Customers are evolving and thinking more about sustainability and living more efficiently in their RVs,” Kalbfleisch said. “We are keeping up with, or even ahead of, times and changing preferences. One RV user of the Freedom eGEN Max recently stated that the system enables him to go off-grid for months and has completely changed his mobile ecosystem.”

The company stated the built-in system automatically will turn the motorhome or tow vehicle’s engine on and off to charge the battery.

“RVers can enjoy a peaceful, extended off-grid experience with ease, without the dependence of shore power, while significantly reducing engine idle and fuel consumption,” Xantrex stated. “The on-demand power is a huge benefit with the growing need for power and popularity of off-road traveling.”

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