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The Leader in RV Industry Trade Magazines Established in 1975: RV News was the first trade magazine to serve the RV industry and its 48-year legacy of print/digital publications make it the oldest RV business magazine in existence.

RV News is focused on helping RV executives increase efficiency and profitability with timely information through its industry-leading monthly magazine, updated-daily website, digital RV business library, and daily digital newsletter that functions as the newspaper for RV business decision-makers. Executives and managers who make purchasing decisions say they choose RV News because the articles cover the entirety of the RV industry including industry trends; new vehicle models, brands and floor plans; original equipment suppliers/manufacturers; aftermarket parts/accessories distribution; RV dealerships/rental companies; RV trade associations; B2B trade shows; business solutions like software, finance and insurance; industry-specific educational training, and much more. Our collective reader list is the most comprehensive, up-to-date list of business decision makers in the RV industry. They represent  $60 billion in purchasing power annually.
  • 76 percent are RV dealers, RV retail stores or RV repair shops.
  • 23 percent are RV original equipment or aftermarket manufacturers/suppliers.
  • 11 percent are RV manufacturing companies.
Advertisers wishing to market to this elite demographic of business people can review our media kit by clicking on the image to the image above and then contact us at (720) 353-4003 or email [email protected] to discuss your unique marketing needs. Let us put a custom package together through you and offer consulting to maximize your return on investment.

The RV News magazine e-newsletter (pictured left) is deployed to RV business decision makers every day Monday through Friday. The newsletter features news headlines on top developments in the RV industry from the last 24 hours. Only two advertisers are allowed to sponsor each day’s news with a tower ad that is placed on either side of the news headlines. 

In 2020, a third advertising opportunity was created with our e-newsletter headline text ad. This ad allows a company to provide up to 100 characters (including spaces) and is featured amongst the headlines. This advertising position allows companies to provide their own headline that links to whatever page the advertiser prefers. More information about the e-newsletter advertising opportunities is available in the media kit. 

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