Monthly Wholesale RV Unit Shipments to Dealerships

The RV Industry Association (RVIA) compiles and tracks how many new RV units each RV manufacturer makes and ships to RV dealers on a monthly basis. The wholesale shipment report breaks down RV vehicles by unit category in aggregate to avoid any RV manufacturer’s specific production numbers being released.     

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2024 Monthly Wholesale New Unit Reports

February 2024A picture of the February 2024 monthly shipments graphic.

RV shipments increased by 17.8% in February 2024 compared with February 2023.

RVIA’s February 2024 survey of manufacturers reported 31,024 RV shipments, compared with 26,326 in February 2023. The result marked the fourth consecutive month in which RV wholesale shipments were greater than the same month a year earlier.

RVIA President and CEO Craig Kirby said, “RV shipments continue to make a moderate recovery, putting us on track to meet ITR Economics’ forecast of 350,000 shipments for 2024.”

Towable RVs, led by conventional travel trailers, ended the month up 24.4% compared with February 2024 at 26,984 shipments. Motorhomes finished the month down 12.5% compared with the same month last year with 4,040 shipments.

To date, RV wholesale shipments are up 14.9% compared with the same time a year ago, with 53,698 shipments through February.

According to Kirby, 26 million Americans have RV plans this spring.

To see the February 2024 wholesale shipment report broken down by RV category, click here.


January 2024

A picture of the January 2024 monthly shipments graphic.

For the third month in a row, RV shipments continued to increase compared with the same month a year before.

Wholesale RV shipments rose by 11.1% in January 2024 compared with January 2023. RVIA’s survey of manufacturers reported 22,674 wholesale RV shipments in January compared with 20,405 shipments in January 2023.

Towable shipments increased by 21.1% in January compared with January 2023. RVIA reported 19,523 shipments in January compared with 16,117 in the same month of 2023. Motorhome shipments decreased by 26.5% in January with 3,151 RV shipments compared with 4,288 shipments in January 2023.

To see the January 2024 wholesale shipment report broken down by RV category, click here.

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