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Fastway Scale Ball Mount ISBM

Fastway Launches Flash Integrated Scale Ball Mount

Fastway has expanded its Flash Ball Mount line, to include the Integrated Scale Ball Mount (ISBM). The product features an integrated tongue weight scale that helps trailer owners reach proper tongue weight for each trailer load for improved towing performance and greater safety.

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Shurhold’s New Water Sprite Deck Mops

Shurhold new Water Sprite Deck Mops features aluminum handles and a quick release adapter. The deck mobs clean all deck surfaces with a handle that is more durable than a conventional broom handle.  Water Sprite mop fits all Shurhold handles.

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CURT Group's new SecureLatch pintle hitches video

CURT Group’s New SecureLatch Pintle Hitches

Curt Group’s New Secure Latch Auto-Locking Pintle Hitches streamlines the tractor hooking process because of an auto-locking mechanism. Hooking up with your trailer with a secure latch is a easy as Strike, Drop and Auto-Lock.

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This is the intro picture of a video of Dometic's PLB40 battery

Dometic PLB40 Lithium Portable Battery

This video shows how to operate a Dometic’s lithium PLB40 portable battery for charging 12-volt appliances like coolers, mobile devices and other products capable of running off of 12-volt power.

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Motorhome tire blowout

Motorhome Tire Blows

A 2015 tire blowout on a Louisiana highway shows an RV driver trying to keep control of a motor home as a it careens onto a median.  

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