Aims Power Releases Power Management Product

A picture of the top of Aims Power's Energy Management Switch.

Aims Power has built a power management solution to manage two loads sharing a single 20-amp branch circuit.

The company’s new Energy Management Switch (EMS) is a cost-effective way to control the power load, Aims Power said. The most common applications for the EMS switch are mid-sized to large appliances that may overload the circuit by kicking on at the same time.

“The EMS applies power to both loads until the total loaded current exceeds approximately 18 amps AC,” the company said. “It then cuts the power to the secondary load to prevent the 20-amp circuit breaker from tripping, while maintaining power to the primary load.”

The secondary load will be restored automatically when the total current drops below a preset level.

A picture of the front of Aims Power's Energy Management Switch.

Consumers can define the primary and secondary loads to determine which device is shut down when the power is managed. The EMS switch provides additional protection for applications using inputs from an inverter, shore or generator power.

The EMS has one input and two outputs. The switch measures 7.25 inches long by 2.37 inches tall and 6.5 inches deep.


A picture showing the dimensions of Aims Power's Energy Management Switch.

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