Americana Tire and Wheel Celebrates National Trailer Safety Week

Close-up view of RV wheels rolling down mountain highway

Americana Tire and Wheel (ATW), Kenda’s distribution arm serving the North American towable trailer, utility, RV, marine and agricultural industries, supporting the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers’ third annual National Trailer Safety Week, June 7-13, 2020.

“With your car, SUV or light truck, it doesn’t matter how much horsepower you have, how big your brakes are, or the size of your vehicle. Your vehicle performance is dependent on how well four patches of rubber – each about the size of a sheet of paper – contact the road as your horsepower, braking force, and vehicle dynamics transfer to those tires,” said Tom Williams, VP of Engineering, Kenda American Technology Center. “And, the same is true with trailer tires.”

As part of its ongoing commitment to safety, the company said it is emphasizing consumer education and the production of quality products to supply trailer manufacturers nationwide.

Trailer Safety Week is designed to make towing safer by educating trailer drivers and manufacturers on best practices. As part of its participation, ATW is sharing essential tips on proper towing and tire use.

“If your trailer tires are not properly maintained, monitored or inflated to specification, you run the risk of improper use – beyond what the trailer tire was designed to do,” Williams said. “Tires are so much more important to trailer safety than most people ever realize.”

Whether towing a boat to the lake, taking an RV to the campgrounds, or heading to the garden center to load mulch onto a trailer, people on roadways can often not realize how important trailer tire dynamics are. Things like load capacity, air pressure and proper tire maintenance matter to both performance and safety, ATW said.

“The engineering staff at Kenda’s Technology Center focuses on product design, development, and testing, which leads to the recognized quality of Kenda trailer tires. And, the engineering expertise of the technical center ensures that Kenda and Loadstar trailer tires are among the most durable and reliable products supplied within the trailer industry.”

The company announced the best practices for trailer towing safety are essential because towing involves the interaction of a number of parts; the driver, tow vehicle, and trailer tires. A solid understanding of the trailer and its dynamics, plus safe and proper driving habits are crucial pieces of overall trailer safety.

“ATW is committed to providing the highest quality tires to trailer manufacturers, distributors and, ultimately, the person using the trailer. This commitment is evidenced by how closely ATW works with Kenda’s Technology Center within the Kenda organization,” said Dave Craig, President, Americana Tire and Wheel.

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