Aqua-Hot Rolls Out Radiant Flooring System

A picture of Aqua-Hot's new Glenwood radiant flooring as it is laid down on a floor.

Aqua-Hot, an Airxcel brand, launched a radiant floor heating system called the Glenwood Flooring System.

The floor heating is available for Type B motorhomes compatible with any Aqua-Hot 100 series hydronic heating systems by Aqua-Hot.

Aqua-Hot Business Unit Manager Mark Davis said, “We’ve designed the Glenwood Flooring System to give Class B customers the convenience of hot water, air heat and now heated floors all supplied by a single, space-saving appliance. Like all our heating solutions, our goal with the Glenwood Flooring System is to elevate the RV experience with an innovative product that is built for the road and designed for user comfort.”

The Glenwood Flooring System works with Aqua-Hot’s integrated color touchscreen to control the flooring system and the paired 125G, 125D or 125M unit. The flooring system also includes a thermistor to ensure the floor is never too hot or too cold.

The Glenwood Flooring System is cut to seamlessly fit select manufacturer’s specifications. A multi-piece solution provides durability and is paired with heat transfer plates to evenly distribute heat.

Glenwood Flooring System precisely fits:

  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter models 144, 170 and 170-EXT
  • Ford Transit models 148 and 148-EXT
  • Ram ProMaster models 136, 159 and 159-EXT

For more, contact the Aqua-Hot business development team or visit

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