BMPRO Expands ProSmart Availability

A picture of the BMPRO JHub multiplex display

Australian RV management solutions provider BMPRO has expanded into the U.S. market with ProSmart, an app-based platform for RV owners that monitors onboard systems.

“Tracking the efficiencies across all amenities within RVs ensures that Americans can take advantage of the expansive landscape,” said BMPRO Brand Ambassador David Bayliss,
“and travel for longer periods of time without the inconvenience and worry around depleting levels of energy consumption.”

RV owners can connect ProSmart to wired and Bluetooth sensors to monitor tire pressure, propane tank and water levels, temperature and battery status. By managing resources without WiFi, RVers can practice safer, more comfortable and sustainable, off-road travels. Control over consumption in amenities such as water tanks allows RVers to save energy and prevent maintenance they might need down the road.

ProSmart sensors can be added during RV manufacturing or later. The platform can be used with any power supply or management system. ProSmart can pair with as many as 40 SmartConnect Bluetooth sensors, connecting up to four water tanks, a 12-volt battery and a wired temperature sensor.

Apart from RVs, BMPRO installs ProSmart in SUVs, watercrafts and all-terrain vehicles. The platform can be used in entirely different industries, such as at restaurants that use outdoor equipment or farms that manage various agricultural devices

ProSmart provides the simplicity of monitoring levels across a range of functions without the difficulty of decoding complex specifications. Itcan either be added at the manufacturing level, upgraded with a dealer or upgraded by the customer at a later stage based on specific DIY requirements.

“With the unforeseen effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, people are now rethinking how and where they travel – moving towards adventures on-shore,” the company stated. “As Australia’s most recognizable RV management solutions provider, backed by 50 years of experience delivering power solutions and inspired by the great Australian outdoors – BMPRO’s latest innovation is designed to manage adventures in a way not seen before efficiently.”

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