Braxton Creek’s New Bushwhacker Teardrops Target Broad Market with Standard Models

A side-by-side image of Braxton Creek's new teardrop trailer taken from two different angles and at different times of day. Both images of the trailer were taken n the desert. The left side shows sunset with a darkening sky and gives the trailer a whimsical glow, while the image on the right shows the trailer in broad daylight under a blue, lightly-clouded sky.

Braxton Creek’s expanded line of teardrop trailers are meant to attract a broad mix of outdoor enthusiasts and city dwellers alike.

The company recently announced plans to roll out new models of its Bushwhacker and Bushwhacker Plus brand trailers this year, based on initial sales results and consumer interest in practical RV travel. The expanded line will feature new floorplans that still hold true to the Bushwhacker’s lightweight and utility-focused design.

“We’re trying to address a broader segment of the market in terms of what people may want in their floorplans, but doing it with very simple products where everything is standard,” Braxton Creek CEO Jim Jacobs said. “These are really something that people can use.”

When the manufacturer first introduced its Bushwhacker teardrops last year, Jacobs said he noticed sales surging in unexpected areas. The rugged and somewhat minimal travel trailer attracted buyers looking for the basic amenities needed to hit the road he said, across varied demographics.

The new line will include three new Bushwhacker Plus models and one new Bushwhacker model to support the current teardrops offered.

“It’s a little different product than what you traditionally see in RVs, but it’s really seemed to hit a nerve with the consumer, and they’ve gravitated toward it,” Jacobs said. “I thought it would be a younger buyer who’d be looking at this product, but it’s popular across the board.”

Jacobs said while attractive to families and owners of small SUVs, the Bushwhacker trailers have also been popular among more “hardcore” outdoor adventurers and hunters.

The new Bushwhacker Plus models will feature many standard features and will include a family focused bunk model, a flexible front dinette model and a front living room model designed for couples. All will be around 17’ in length, and less than 2200 lbs. dry weight, with an MSRP of around $15,000.

“By rounding out these brands, and remaining true to our original vision – light weight, cool look, with everything standard, all done at an aggressive price point, we think both our dealers and the end customers, will continue to gravitate to the Braxton Creek brand,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs said the company plans to gradually ramp up production on the new models under statewide restrictions in Indiana. He said Braxton Creek has had a smooth return to work in recent weeks, and that the production team is excited to be back.

Braxton Creek is currently at about 90% production capacity, he said, with plans to adjust operations based on demand going forward.

“These are exciting times at Braxton Creek, and we know these new Bushwhacker, and Bushwhacker Plus models, are really going to add fuel to what has already been 12 months of fantastic growth,” Jacobs said. “We ended 2019 as the fastest growing travel trailer manufacturer in North America, and we’re well on our way to repeating in 2020, but we will be smart in our approach, and we will be selective in picking our dealer partners.”

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