A picture of a work bench inside of a manufacturing warehouse. There are tools and cords across the bench.

Stimulus Well Runs Dry – For Now

With the recently enacted CARES Act having launched just over a week ago, the nearly $350 billion allocated for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is expected to run dry in the coming days.

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A line graph contrasting weekly 2019 and 2020 unemployment claims between January and April for Elkhart County

Elkhart County Unemployment Claims Skyrocket

While it is obvious to industry observers that unemployment is up dramatically in Elkhart County since the COVID-19 crisis forced the closure of many RV plants, the official unemployment numbers for the past three weeks makes the full extent of that reality crystal clear.

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A picture of different green tile letters spelling out the word "economy" with other letters scattered on a black surface behind.

RV Rentals See Big Declines

RV rentals for family road trips have all but dried up, according to rental executives. Health professionals and people too vulnerable to potential COVID-19 infection to fly commercial airlines now make up the bulk of rental consumers.

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