RV Sales to ‘Go Through the Roof’ After Pandemic, Travel Editor Says

Photo of Chesaco RV dealership. There are dozens of RVs lined up on either side of a red carpet lined with ballons where people are walking and looking at the RVs.

Travel experts predict a surge in RV sales among families looking for more private ways to vacation in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Airlines, cruises and other forms of group travel have taken quite the hit since personal anxieties or legal restrictions stunned the industry in March. CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg spoke to the Yahoo Finance team during a recent “On the Move” broadcast to discuss the RV industry’s potential recovery.

Greenberg said a combination of personal choice and feasibility could lead to a big year for RV dealers as the pandemic subsides.

“You’re going to see RV sales go through the roof,” Greenberg said. “You’re going to see national parks get crowded, campsites get crowded. Families travelling together as one unit in their ‘quarantine mobile,’ otherwise known as an RV, so that they don’t have to stop and go to a hotel or even go to a restaurant.”

He expects low fuel prices to motivate Americans to take their family trips on the road when cross-country travel is eventually normalized again.

Yahoo Finance anchor Julie Hyman said many people will have a new psychological response to being in a crowd, which could lead to increased solo or private travel.

Click here to watch the full Yahoo Finance interview with Greenberg.

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