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Aliner camper lifestyle photo

Aliner Makes Debut in Europe

Aliner, manufacturer of the original a-frame camper, is making its European debut at the Holiday Fair-Brussels RV Show. Aliner will now offer its Scout Lite, Ranger 10 and Ranger 12 campers…

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Alliance RV Jeremiah Dumka

Alliance RV Hires New General Manager

Alliance RV has hired Jeremiah Dumka as General Manager. In this role, Dumka will oversee product development and management the sales force for Alliance RV’s recently launched luxury fifth wheel, Paradigm, as well the company’s toy hauler line that will launch this fall.

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Airstream’s Senior VP of Operations Retires

Seldom does one person stand out and make such a singular impact on a company the way Airstream’s Senior Vice President of Operations Mark Wahl did in his more than two-decade career at the company. On December 31, 2019, Wahl officially retired from Airstream, leaving behind a legacy that will continue to impact the company for years to come…

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