EXCLUSIVE: Coachmen RV’s Lightweight Travel Trailer Success

A picture of the Coachmen Remote 16R kitchen.

Coachmen RV is accommodating two audience segments with its new Remote travel trailer. The RV’s six floorplans range from 2,900 pounds to 3,400 pounds, enabling towing by consumers with SUVs. In addition, the towable has various features to enable off-grid traveling.

Coachmen crafted the Remote with a combination of components to accommodate these two markets.

Remote debuted in September at Open House in Elkhart, Indiana. Currently, 75 dealers stock the travel trailer. The RV averages 70 days on dealers’ lots.

Coachmen Apex and Remote Product Manager Max Keagle said, “We wanted to create something that was very cool, very lightweight, very easy to tow, but not with a monster price tag.”

The Remote features five floorplans, including the recently introduced 15R and 19R. A sixth floorplan will be unveiled in July. The Remote lengths range from 18-21.5 feet.

The Coachmen team balanced low-weight standards with necessity. The manufacturer did not sacrifice basic components within the towable. The 7-foot wide trailer has a full kitchen, bathroom and a queen-sized bed.

To make this a possibility, Keagle said Coachmen engineering and production teams understood “the value of every square inch in these trailers.”

The team found ways to save space in cabinetry, kitchen and bathroom sections. For example, Keagle said a few floorplans featured bathrooms protruding too much. Coachmen listened to consumer feedback and removed the bathroom sink. The decision eliminated space in the bathroom, and consumers continue to have a sink in the kitchen.

Coachmen continues to save space in its new models. The Remote’s 2025 models will include additional storage. Coachmen moved hanging storage away from the master bedroom to include bedside nightstands and power outlets.A picture of the Coachmen Remote 16R kitchen.

Keagle said keeping the core components “makes it feel like home, so it is not a tiny little trailer that you have to crawl through.”

According to Keagle, the design is suitable for entry-level, off-grid consumers or retirees traveling around the country.


The Remote includes Goodyear all-terrain tires and a bike rack to facilitate consumers’ adventure travel. Keagle said the team included ladder prep based on consumer feedback.

The travel trailer comes with a standard solar panel and a control charger. Consumers can upgrade to a solar package with multiple solar panels, lithium-ion batteries and an inverter. The Remote is powered by 12-volt and shore power.

The 2025 models will include TV prep. According to Keagle, off-grid consumers often travel with Wi-Fi hotspot systems or streaming tablets.

He said the power features “allow us to accommodate to what a lot of these customers already know they want.”

Lime green accents and oval windows distinguish the travel trailer.


Each floorplan except the 15R has a 52-gallon freshwater tank, a 35-gallon gray water tank and a 35-gallon black water tank. The 15R has a 3,000-pound dry weight, the 16R has a 3,000-pound dry weight, the 17R has a 3,200 dry weight and the 18R has a 3,300 dry weight.

The 19R is the largest Remote floorplan at 3,400 pounds. Keagle said Coachmen discovered the 19R could include a sofa slide-out while maintaining a low weight.

The 15R is the smallest Remote floorplan. The floorplan has a 52-gallon freshwater tank, a 27-gallon grey water tank and a 27-gallon black water tank.



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