Credit Union Financing Platform Celebrates Milestone

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CUDL, a credit union vehicle financing platform used in RV and other vehicle lending, commemorates its 30th anniversary in 2024.

The company, which is owned by Origence, said it funded $458 billion in vehicle loans over its three-decade journey. The company said its network expanded to include 20,000 dealerships across the U.S.

Origence President and CEO Tony Boutelle said, “We are proud of the work we have done over the past three decades to serve the dealership community. As we look at the next 30 years, we will continue to focus on providing innovative solutions to connect dealerships, credit unions and car buyers with the best financing options in the marketplace.”

Credit unions on the CUDL platform remain the top auto lenders by aggregate volume for nearly three years. CUDL’s 1,100 credit unions represent 64 million members and funded $46.7 billion in 2023 vehicle loans.

Dealers benefit from one CUDL platform providing access to multiple credit union lenders with affordable financing options, the company said. The partnership between credit unions and CUDL contributes to credit unions and dealerships’ overall growth, the company said.

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