Curt Launches Bluetooth Mobile Towing Scale

Photo of man with smartphone using Curt BetterWeigh scale

Curt, supplier of towing products and American-made, custom-fit trailer hitches, introduces a Bluetooth-enabled, smartphone-compatible mobile towing scale called BetterWeigh. The device plugs into a vehicle diagnostic port (OBD-II) and measures the real-time weight of a vehicle, trailer, cargo/payload, tongue weight, pin weight, weight distribution and trailer brake gain, displaying them on an Apple or Android phone.

The patented BetterWeigh mobile towing scale #51701 is powered by TowSense technology, an accelerometer that measures changes in force and acceleration to provide a live reading of the weights associated with towing. This allows for greater convenience and safer towing by eliminating the guesswork in trailer setup.

BetterWeigh plugs into the OBD-II port, below the steering wheel, and wirelessly connects to smartphones with Bluetooth and a free, downloadable app.

BetterWeigh works for bumper pull towing setups, gooseneck towing and fifth wheel towing. The weight distribution feature streamlines the weight distribution hitch setup process and makes adjustments more accurate. Consumers can also use BetterWeigh when loading a vehicle with cargo, supplies or equipment.

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