Dealers Respond to nuCamp’s New Teardrop Model

A pictuer of the nuCamp logo

Four months of production are booked for nuCamp’s Tab 360 teardrop trailer. After introducing the model to nuCamp’s dealer network, initial production orders were filled in 48 hours.

The model provides more consumer options. The manufacturer said the trailer is a middle option between the smaller Tab 320 and the larger Tab 400 teardrops.

nuCamp CEO Scott Hubble said, “It perfectly fills the gap in our product range, offering a blend of innovation, luxury and functionality. We are thrilled to see the positive response from our dealers.”

The Tab 360 is 6.5 feet high. The sleeping space accommodates RVers up to 6.5 feet tall. The trailer has two vertical stargazer windows and two side windows.

A Slimline 5-cubic-foot, 12-volt compressor refrigerator cools food. The teardrop has air conditioning, a Nautilus water management system and an Alde hydronic heating and hot water system.

An Alde Compact 3030 heater provides hot water. Diamond-plated storage tubs provide storage space.

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