Detroit Lions Convert Winnebago Motorhome into Mobile Draft Center

A photo of a motorhome being used in the NFL Draft

NFL fans were surprised to see a Winnebago make its NFL Draft debut this weekend as the virtual selection show aired over the past few days.

Thanks to Detroit Lions General Manager Bob Quinn, millions of Americans saw how useful motorhomes or trailers can be when private shelter is needed in a pinch. Quinn parked a Winnebago RV in his driveway this weekend to use as a mobile IT center during the draft.

As plans for the virtual draft came together last week, the Lions attracted a buzz for their solution to potential tech issues during the live event.

Quinn confirmed his plan to use the RV for the draft last week, and told ESPN that Lions Director of Information Technology Steve Lancaster would be working from the RV over the weekend. ESPN’s Adam Schefter first tweeted about the story on Tuesday, April 21.

Quinn said Lancaster would be there to help troubleshoot internet or other technical issues during the draft. The RV was parked in Quinn’s driveway while he drafted from inside his home.

The Lions’ mobile IT center represents yet another unconventional use for RVs in the nation’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Motorhomes and trailers have already made a vital role for themselves in hospital parking lots and outside of doctors’ homes, providing housing for quarantined healthcare workers. People across the country are seeing more RVs re-purposed in unique ways, but Quinn’s use of the RV as his draft headquarters had some people scratching their heads.

NFL fans noticed the Minnie Winnie parked in Quinn’s driveway this weekend, and some responded on Twitter.

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