Duo Form Launches RV Slide Out Ski for RV Aftermarket

Photo of Duo Form Slide Out Skis

Duo Form is pleased to announce the launch of its newest RV aftermarket product: the RV Slide Out Ski—Easy Slide System.

With use and normal wear and tear, RV slide-outs can become sticky, start to grind and get jammed up. A sticking slide-out can damage or destroy RV floors where rooms slide on the rollers into the open function position.

Duo Form has launched a cost‐effective solution to save the slide-outs and RV floors with this
amazing Easy Slide System. The universal set of slide-out skis are designed to give slide-outs the smooth easy gliding action they had when they were new. The product is manufactured with a super-strong synthetic material designed especially for this rigorous application. It is trusted by leading RV manufacturers to help reduce friction and provide easy sliding action.

“Our RV Slide Out Ski is an inexpensive way to save the slide-out floor versus having to replace the slide-out floor,” Duo Form Director of New Product Development David Rheinheimer said. “Our system is good insurance for a long RV life, with a trouble‐free slide-out. This has been a popular product with our RV manufacturers, and we are excited to now be able to offer it to our aftermarket customers.”

The Duo Form RV Slide Out Ski System includes one pair of universal skis that are 53-by-6-inches. The skis can be trimmed to size, if needed, for a custom‐fit. Professional installation is recommended.

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