EarthCruiser Building Truck Campers for EVs

A picture of a white on black sketch of an EarthCruiser truck camper in a schematic style

EarthCruiser, an adventure vehicle manufacturer based in Bend, Oregon, launched a pre-order deposit program for slide-in campers engineered for electric vehicle (EV) trucks.

The company said its shift to EVs has been coming for years.

“We have been keenly following the evolution of EV vehicles and have been waiting until the time is right and the time is now,” said Lance Gillies, founder of EarthCruiser. “We are a company that loves to discover, innovate, and test, over and over until we get it right. Our deep expertise in building world-renowned expedition vehicles makes it easier for us to roll into electric platforms compared to competitors.”

The company’s Earth Cruiser Innovations (ECI) division is developing products for the electrification of overlanding. The developments include creating a slide-in truck camper for domestic EV trucks. The company is collaborating with domestic automotive manufacturers, Earth Cruiser said. The company plans to announce further developments later this year.

“There are many similarities with our current EarthCruiser habitat and one that would be required to function with an electric platform,” Gillies said.

According to Gilles, maximizing efficiency will allow EarthCruiser vehicles to go further, as will managing storable on-board energy capacity, operating within an acceptable range and keeping consumers comfortable and safe.

“We have been doing that for years,” Gillies said “EarthCruiser is extremely good at energy efficiency and the amount of energy required to move an EC down a road is significantly less than our competitors.”

To learn more about EarthCruiser, click here

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