Entegra Coach Launches New Safe View Dash

A picture of the Entegra Coach Safe View Dash

Entegra Coach has unveiled the new Safe View Dash for its model year 2023 luxury diesel pushers. For the first time in the company’s history, it entirely redesigned the dashboard, Entegra said.

The new dash design, created with Spartan RV Chassis, places essential information and instrumentation where the driver can see it while watching the road.

Entegra Coach offered a dash preview at the Entegra owners’ homecoming event in May. The Safe View Dash will be featured on the new model year 2023 Cornerstone, Anthem and Aspire models.

“A great automotive dash design is not just what it looks or feels like,” Entegra Caoch Senior Director of Product Design Pat Carroll said. “A great design is how it works ergonomically with the driver, creating an environment where safety is paramount.”

New dash features include:

  • 15-inch landscape digital dash that can display the instrument cluster, GPS or 360-degree camera
  • 15-inch portrait center console that controls the dash HVAC, radio, window shades, camera, GPS, leveling, mobile device, pedals, lights, generator start/stop, front rooftop A/C temperature, entry and cargo locks
  • Dash heating, ventilation and air conditioning system from Bergstrom
  • Aidars Active 360-degree surround view system with a combination HD camera and radar technologies delivering a seamless 360-degree view with no blind spots (Anthem and Cornerstone models only)
  • Three-pod steering wheel with controls for mobile device, engine brake, headlight/marker light flash, cruise control, digital dash navigation, radio, rain-sensing wipers and air horn
  • Passenger touchscreen controls the radio, lighting, window shades and HVAC system

“The 2023 Safe View Dash provides extraordinary sightlines to the 15-inch digital dash, 360 camera system and GPS navigation center display as you smoothly head down the open road,” Carroll said. “The three-pod VIP leather steering wheel means no longer taking your hands off the wheel, leaving you always in control. The safest driver is the one with the best view of the road, cockpit gauges and infotainment screen data and that is what the 2023 Entegra owner will certainly enjoy.”

Entegra Coach, a Jayco, Inc. division, manufactures and markets luxury diesel and gas motorhomes. The company is headquartered in Middlebury, Indiana.

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