EPA Invites Comment on Cleaner Trucks Initiative

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) posted an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking late last month, inviting comments on a potential future rulemaking effort known as the Cleaner Trucks Initiative (CTI). The notice describes EPA’s plans for a future rule that would establish new emission standards for oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and other pollutants emitted from highway heavy-duty engines. It also describes opportunities to streamline and improve certification procedures to reduce costs for engine manufacturers.

The RV industry recognizes the need for environmentally friendly technology while also offering a variety of RVs at different price points to meet the demands of the RV consumer. The CTI is expected to increase the cost of heavy-duty engines used in medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, which will have an indirect impact on motorhomes and tow-vehicles that use these heavy-duty engines.

The notice is largely a response to calls from over 20 state and local air agencies who petitioned the EPA in 2016 to develop more stringent NOx standards for on-road heavy-duty engines. It is also issued in recognition the California Air Resources Board (CARB) moving forward in establishing more stringent requirements for heavy vehicles sold in California. Regulations could greatly increase the cost of engines and vehicles which are subject to these requirements.

Topics addressed in the notice included:

  • Emission control technologies
  • Standards and test cycles
  • In-use emission standards
  • Extended regulatory useful life
  • Ensuring long-term in-use emissions performance
  • Certification and compliance streamlining
  • Incentives for early emission reductions

By initiating this rulemaking, the EPA is making clear that costs associated with more stringent requirements need to be taken into consideration and that the current administration is not prepared to sit idle and allow states to pursue emissions reductions without adequately considering the cost of compliance to industry and consumers. The EPA has also stated that they are eager to engage with stakeholders and work toward a coordinated 50-state program.

We anticipate that engine manufacturers will work closely with the EPA to ensure that costs are fully considered. Public comments must be received on or before Feb. 20, 2020. Click here to submit comments.

The RV Industry Association encourages members to review the notice and contact association staff with questions.

The EPA will take the comments received in response to the notice and consider them in formulating a notice of proposed rulemaking that they anticipate issuing in 2021. Once finalized, the new requirements are expected to go into effect for the 2027 model year.

Click here for a comprehensive overview of the notice.

Please contact Chris Bornemann, director of federal affairs, at [email protected] with any questions or comments.

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