Exclusive: Aliner Campers Getting Traction with Ascape

A photo of an Aliner Grand Ascape travel trailer against a white background

Aliner Campers officials say new technology is boosting orders for its line of lightweight travel trailers, the Ascape models.

“Generally, the market has been down on nearly every RV product,” Aliner Account Manager Phil Schulte says, “but Aliner has been bucking that trend. We have been doing really well with the Ascape line.”

Schulte says the Ascape models all did better than expected at September’s Open House event in Elkhart, with sales orders exceeding expectations.

All three Ascape models—Ascape Plus, Grand Ascape Plus and the Grand Ascape ST—have benefited from upgrades.

He says the Ascape models include amenities suited for a high-end luxury suite. The Ascape line can also be towed by environmentally-friendly vehicles, including Subaru’s.

“These are features you don’t normally associate with a lightweight travel trailer and camping,” Schulte says. “These units can appeal to just about anybody.”

Aliner Ascape models feature 6-feet-4 inches of headroom, a large 3.0 cubic foot, three-way refrigerator with freezer, a 23-inch flat screen TV and a built-in microwave.

Ascape models also come with a 9200 BTU Coleman roof-mounted, low-profile AC.

All three floor plans are under 1,800 pounds dry weight, with 50-watt solar panels and Plastoform Acrylic radiused windows with built-in screen and shades.

“The new technology has made the models more attractive from millennials to empty nesters,” Schulte says. “That market is pretty solid for us.”

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