EXCLUSIVE: Bama RV Staff Saves Life

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Although Salesman Travis Colette was off work Monday, he was at Bama RV to help his customers Douglas and Sheila DeLoy buy a Coachmen Freedom Express travel trailer.

When Douglas started experiencing chest pain before signing the papers, Colette and the Bama RV staff remained calm and got DeLoy to the hospital.

Staff noticed Douglas’ condition at the Dothan, Alabama, dealership and called over Parts Manager C.J. Johnson, a volunteer paramedic who was previously an EMS, fire and flight paramedic for 20 years.

“Douglas was having chest pain and diaphoretic,” Johnson said. “I talked him into getting the fire department around the corner to come over.”

Emergency responders took DeLoy to Flowers Hospital, where Johnson’s wife works on the catheterization team. When the ambulance left Bama RV, Johnson contacted her so she could prepare the lab.

Johnson said, “The family was very thankful and trying to make it out like we did the lifesaving. We just got the ball rolling.” Johnson said the true frontline heroes were the first responders and Flowers Hospital team. “We are just happy everything worked out like it did,” he said.

Colette followed Douglas to the hospital. “When I got there, I think the hospital thought I was family or something and asked me for his information,” Colette said, “which I happened to have because I am their salesman.”

Flowers Hospital staff took Colette to Douglas’ room, where Colette helped keep Sheila calm and discovered Douglas would receive two stents. Colette said, “Right in the middle of all of his pain, Douglas leans over to her and says, ‘I think we should get a bigger (RV).’”

Colette got Sheila food and made sure she had hotel accommodations. Flowers Hospital released Douglas Wednesday, and he experienced no severe heart damage. Douglas said he was told by doctors that if Bama RV staff had not acted as quickly as they did, he may not be here telling his story.

As per Douglas’ hospital bed request, he and Shelia returned Wednesday to Bama RV to buy a larger model than they originally picked. “They came in and were very appreciative,” Colette said. “I really did not do too much. He definitely got lucky, I can tell you that.”

Johnson said, “After the care Douglas received, he said he could not think of going anywhere else.”

Tuesday, the DeLoys will come back another time to walk through their new Cougar half-ton fifth wheel. Johnson said, “Hopefully it will be a lot less eventful.”

After doctors clear Douglas, the couple plan to take their new RV to Texas.

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