EXCLUSIVE: Blue Ox Rolls Into Mud Arena

A picture of the Blue Ox Mud Flap System on a truck.

Voices resounded off the walls of distributor shows with excitement this season as dealers took in Blue Ox’s new towing products, unveiled beginning in October.

For the first time, Blue Ox introduced mudflap products.

Blue Ox Director of Sales Alex Walker said the supplier saw a need among their customers in the mudflap area.

“We listen to our dealer customers, and we want to give them the tools and the things that they need,” Walker said. “We felt there was a need for a product that is easy for them to sell and build into a package.”

Blue Ox met that need with four new products: The Mud Flap System for a 2-inch receiver, the Mud Flap System for a 2 1/5-inch receiver, the Mud Flap Heat Shield Kit and the Mud Flap Exhaust Outlet Kit.

The Mud Flap systems are crafted with a netting that bridges the gap between the flaps and provides additional mud coverage.

“It is an easy sell for the dealer because they can use it on basically any type of unit that they are selling,” Walker said, “whether it be somebody towing a fifth wheel, a travel trailer, a small trailer or towing a car behind the motorhome, it works for all applications.”

Blue Ox prioritized adjustability ease in the mud flap systems. Grid lines on the back of the mud flaps indicate where cuts need to be made for the correct height.A picture of the Blue Ox Mud Flap System on a truck.

Many systems lack space around the receiver for mounting. Blue Ox made its systems tiltable so the consumer installing them can easily mount the flaps.

Each mudflap option has forged aluminum hubs and arms in addition to stainless-sleeved steel rods.

The Mud Flap Heat Shield protects the mud flaps from exhaust heat. The shield will deflect exhaust heat and prevent the flaps from potentially melting.

The Mud Flap Exhaust Outlet mounts onto the mud flap to provide a place for the exhaust to escape rather than potentially melting the mudflap.

The mud flap products expand Blue Ox’s product availability to its audience.

“This is a great add-on,” Walker said, “with a Blue Ox name.”


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