EXCLUSIVE: Bowlus Launches Off-Grid Model

A picture of the Bowlus Rivet travel trailer off road.

Bowlus RV is placing another product along its innovation trail. The Bowlus Rivet will be delivered from all Bowlus dealerships in May.

After three years of perfecting plans, the Rivet widens the manufacturer’s premium products and opens a new audience door. The 25-foot, 3-inch long travel trailer starts around $150,000—Bowlus says the Rivet will cost $148,500 after applicable tax credits are factored in. The price point is half the manufacturer’s Volterra, which starts at $287,500 after the tax credit, and Terra Firma, which starts at $268,500 after the credit.

The Rivet includes several aspects geared toward an off-roading audience.

A 3-inch lift kit and all-terrain tires promote off-road traveling. The Bowlus Power Management System includes 8,000-watt-hours of lithium battery power. The Rivet’s AeroSolar package features 660 watts of solar power to fuel the lithium batteries. The combination provides enough energy to power all house appliances, including the air conditioning and heating, while off-grid.

Bowlus founder and CEO Geneva Long said the model is crafted to enable easy driving. The Rivet includes a new feature enhancing this goal.

The AeroMove option enables RV parking without a tow vehicle. The self-powered chassis device is integrated into the travel trailer and connects to a remote. With a click of the remote’s button, the AeroMove parks the 25-foot-long Rivet on its own. The Rivet can move along steep slopes, turn 360 degrees and parallel park without a tow vehicle.

A picture of the Bowlus Rivet interior.
The Bowlus Rivet intertior.

Long said the feature addresses parking anxiety.

“A feature like AreoMove really enables you to take that concern out of the picture,” Long said, “because it is as simple as unhitching and then being able to move it with that remote.”

The AeroMove option costs $10,000.

The Rivet has a GVWR of 3,500 pounds. The towable can sleep four, including a king bed master bedroom and convertible living room sofa. A full dry bath and kitchen galley are included. The interior is covered in an Onyx package, characterized by matte black detailing.

Long said she anticipates the Rivet to be available nationally. The manufacturer announced its collaboration with Lazydays in November, securing Bowlus RVs across the nation.


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