EXCLUSIVE: Brown & Brown Introduces First Roofing Service Contract

A picture of a Heartland RV roof featuring solar panels as part of Heartland's Sol Powered By The Sun standard packages

Brown & Brown opened RVDA Convention/Expo week by announcing the industry’s first service contract to cover RV roofs.

The service contract is an exclusive partnership between Brown & Brown and Alpha Systems. The contract has a five-year term with a $100 deductible and a $10,000 limited liability limit.

The RV Roof Pro contract will cover:

  • Peeling/Blown off material
  • Membrane edge splits
  • Dry rot/cracking
  • Sealant adhesion failure
  • Sealant cracking
  • Seam tape failing
  • UV damage

Brown & Brown Dealer Services Director of RV F&I Training Shawn Moran said, “This is an idea we have been kicking around now for the better part of three and a half years. This would not have been possible without Alpha Roof Systems, because you need data to understand what warranty claims look like and you need to understand what the common failures are. When you partner with a company like Alpha and (Vice President of Sales) Paul Craven, we got great advice.”

The service contract requires RV owners to have their roof inspected annually to maintain coverage. The contract includes a 100-mile tieback to the dealer who sold the contract. If the RVer is more than 100 miles from the issuing dealer, the inspection can be conducted by another dealer or mobile repair service company.

“The great part of this product is twofold,” Moran said. “Number one, it is providing a service to the customer, finally, for the roof that has never existed in the history of F&I. Number two, it is an avenue to service to have customers coming back to their primary dealer for service work they are asking to do today. You can have your customer come back to you and not somewhere else and possibly have somebody try to upsell them or do something different.”

The contract covers new model year RVs and older model years dating back 20 years. Because the coverage is a service contract, rather than a product, Moran said the contract covers repair work on roofs and the sealants and glues used to make repairs. Because the contract covers the repair, dealers can use any glue, sealant or roofing material brand under the coverage.

“We know our dealers are not going to sell a contract if the unit does not have a quality, good roof on it,” Moran said about the extended used model year coverage. “TPO makes good material. They would not stand behind the material itself if it did not last. People have to keep up the care for their roofs. When they do, they last an extremely long time.”

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