EXCLUSIVE: GE Appliances Ignites New Product Feature

A picture of the temperature knobs on the GE Profile Rangetop.

A simple click transports warmth to the surface of GE Appliances’ new RV range line.

GE’s Recreational Living segment is introducing an electric ignition with flame detection in GE Profile gas ranges. The change will enable an RV range to look like a residential appliance. The stove is due out in March.

The electric ignition feature will be available on the GE Profile 12-inch and 21-inch RV Rangetops in addition to the GE Profile 17-inch and 21-inch Drop-In Gas Ranges.

The new ignition will provide heat with a button push rather than turning a spark knob and a temperature knob simultaneously to achieve the desired temperature.

GE Recreational Living Director of Marketing Jennifer Lett said the new feature provides superior performance and “makes it easy for our customers to use.”

GE is on the innovation prowl, hunting for ways to enhance existing products for consumers, Lett said. The electric ignition is similar to a residential stovetop.

GE Recreational Living and Appliances Director of Sales Operations Will Troyer said, “A consumer buys an RV and that is their home away from home. They are going to expect it to cook and function like it does in their home.”A picture of the GE Profile Rangetop.

Ranges with the new ignition will maintain the original models’ features. The ranges are available in black and stainless-steel finishes. The appliances have a 12-volt direct current rating, cast iron edge-to-edge grates and white backlit knobs.

The Drop-In Gas Ranges have nickel oven racks with various positions and an enamel oven.

For more information on GE’s electric ignition ranges, click here.


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