EXCLUSIVE: GE Appliances Installs RV Product Development Leader

A picture of Will Troyer.

Many New Year’s resolutions focus on financial, business or health goals. GE Appliances’ (GEA) resolution involved product enhancement goals. To ensure GEA’s resolution comes to fruition, the company created a new job and promoted Will Troyer to it.

In December, Troyer was promoted from GEA’s director of sales operations to become the Recreational Living and Appliances director of product management.

Since entering the RV market in 2020, GE Appliances has rolled out RV appliances including refrigerators, air conditioners, ranges, microwaves and heaters. Troyer said he is focused on expanding GE Appliances’ RV market reach.

Troyer said, “The main objective right now is to grow our position inside of this industry and add additional products.”

He will gather information on consumer product needs, generate product ideas and facilitate coordination with the GEA development team.

Troyer said GEA planned product launches over the next three to five years. GEA’s future RV product launches include a fireplace that will be introduced in 2024’s second or third quarter. The fireplace will be compatible with GEA RV appliances.

GEA will continue developing products such as their ranges and refrigerators. Troyer said the supplier is working on incorporating electronic ignition into ranges. The company also released an RV fridge with a bottom freezer.

“We just continue to push forward,” Troyer said, “and innovate where we can.”

Troyer transferred to GEA after the company bought Midwest Sales and Services in 2022. Troyer worked with Kevin Herrity, who focused on OEM sales. Herrity inherited the director of sales operations’ duties when Troyer was promoted.

Troyer has a mechanical engineering background in addition to familiarity with refrigeration and air conditioner technology. He said he looks forward to transitioning from sales. He said he plans to seek solutions through collaboration, customer relationships and available resources.

“To me, the resources—being people—are the big value,” Troyer said. “Anyone can buy machines and tools, but to have that knowledge and the experience that comes along with a company that is the size of GE and how long they have been in this appliance market… I mean, the resources down there are tremendously good.”


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