EXCLUSIVE: Go Power Introduces Smart Power System

A picture of the Go Power PowerTrak system.

Workers’ hands pack corrugated boxes. They tuck in solar panels, place solar controllers, wrap installation hardware, stack an inverter charger and fit the connectivity components into wrapped packaging.

The latest in mobile power technology is packed and ready to ship to dealers across the U.S. and Canada.

The new PowerTrak system by Go Power launched Jan. 1, and appeared at shows such as the NTP-Stag Expo and the Tampa RV SuperShow in January.

The PowerTrak systems come in 400-watt, 800-watt and 1,200-watt options. Each kit comes with everything needed to install and connect to the battery bank: solar controllers, inverter/chargers, installation hardware and cabling. The systems are expandable and can accommodate up to 3,000 watts of solar with stackable solar controllers.

Batteries are not included in the PowerTrak system. However, Go Power provides battery bank sizing recommendations: using a single 300-amp-hour Go Power Advanced Lithium battery with the 400-watt kit, two batteries with the 800-watt kit and three with the 1,200-watt kit.

The new PowerTrak system communicates using RV-C to monitor components such as power inverters, battery chargers, solar controllers, battery monitors and batteries themselves.

Go Power Marketing Manager Eva Mitic said the components “talk to each other and work in tandem to make a more efficient power system.”

She said the technology aligns with Go Power’s goal to make mobile power easier to use, install and sell.

When consumers bring an RV in for a repair, technicians can check the PowerTrak system and identify the issues automatically rather than looking through various manuals.

The PowerTrak additionally provides clarity to help consumers understand and monitor their components.

“Being able to kind of streamline the diagnostics and troubleshooting on the dealer side of things,” Mitic said, “so that people do not have their coaches sitting there for four or five days.”

The system can additionally be an avenue for a consumer to update the power aspect of their RV without buying an entirely new one.

The product is now available for dealers through distributors. PowerTrak systems will begin shipping in the coming weeks.

Go Power will provide training on the system. Online training will be available to dealers. Go Power representatives will assist dealers with the product.

“Our goal at Go Power has always been to make mobile power as easy as possible,” Mitic said. “This is just the next logical step in that progression.”

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