EXCLUSIVE: GoSun Mounts Portable Solar Panels to Roof Racks

A picture of GoSun's EV Solar Charger.

GoSun has collected more than $1 million in orders since its recent product launch. The innovation’s social media posts received more than 5 million views on Instagram.

The supplier’s EV Solar Charger mounts portable solar panels atop a vehicle’s roof rack. The 1,200-watt solar panels fuel a power bank, which energizes devices.

The 50-pound system folds into a luggage carrier for transportation.

Gary Starr of GoSun business development said RVers often search for space to set up portable solar panels at their campsite. The EV Solar Charger eliminates the issue by mounting the panels atop an RV.

The lightweight system enables consumers to move the panels around the camp if the RV’s roof is not in the sun.

The panels fold to ease storage.

Starr said the charger “was designed so that you could always have it available and that it would not take up a lot of room.”

The EV Solar Charger stems from GoSun’s Shield. The Shield is a car shade that unfolds over a windshield. The shade has built-in solar panels.

GoSun built upon the Shield features to create the EV Solar Charger.

Starr said, “This is the first product that can produce 1,200 peak watts and still be able to fold up into a pretty small container.”

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