EXCLUSIVE: Little Guy Trailers Partners with Girl Camper

A picture of Joe Kicos of Little Guy Trailers and Lesa McDermot VP of Girl Campers
Joe Kicos and Lesa McDermott show off the Micro Max.

The Little Guy Trailers brand launched a two-year campaign with Girl Camper, a solo women travelers’ organization. The campaign will highlight Little Guy’s new Micro Max, a lightweight travel trailer that is garagable.

“We have worked with Girl Camper and its founder, Janine Pettit, for years and have seen the power of the solo woman camper in our industry,” said Joe Kicos, director of sales and founder of Little Guy Trailers Xtreme Outdoors, LLC. “When we launched the Micro Max, we knew it was a perfect fit for the Girl Camper audience. I am looking forward to another exciting collaboration with the Girl Camper family.”

The Little Guy Micro Max has a dry weight starting at 1,860 lbs. The trailer can be towed by most SUVs and trucks. The camper chassis is constructed of tubular steel and the camper’s sidewalls and roof are made of Azdel composite. The Little Guy Micro Max provides space for a 5-foot, 9-inch person to stand upright.

Pettit, also editor-in-chief of Girl Camper magazine, has been an RV industry influencer for more than a decade. Little Guy Trailers started sponsoring Pettit’s Girl Camper podcast after Pettit took a Little Guy Max camper to Yellowstone to try it out for the company. Pettit did not want to give it back.

“I was sitting in a cornfield in Iowa and fell in love with that camper,” Pettit said. “It had such quality… the amount of cabinet space and it was so well designed.”

A picture of Girl Camper founder Janine Pettit sitting in the doorway of a camper
Janine Pettit, Girl Camper founder

Pettit said she camps with women from across the U.S. who want to be off the ground, want hot water on demand and to have an onboard “potty,” but who still love to camp in their RVs. A total of 425,000 of those women follow the Girl Camper Facebook page. The page routinely receives 200 posts per day, Pettit said. One of the top questions on the Facebook page is “what can I tow if I have a tow package with 3,500 pounds?” she said. The Micro Max fits the bill.

Petitt first toured the Micro Max at the 2022 Elkhart Open House. Girl Camper VP of Operations Lesa McDermott was introduced to the Micro Max at a Boston RV show which she attended with Pettit. McDermott had been searching for a towable for over a year and a half when she saw the Micro Max and said to Pettit, “This is it. This is what I need for my Jeep.”

The Micro Max sleeps up to three adults and six adults can sit inside.

The kitchen includes a two-burner stove, a residential-style sink, a refrigerator and a microwave. The MicroMax CT floor plan includes a cassette toilet.

“It is built with the same impeccable construction, tons of storage, plenty of amenities,” Pettit said. “Best of all, it is so lightweight that you can pull it with a Jeep Wrangler.”

McDermott will tow Little Guy’s Micro Max with a standard floorplan and upgraded touring package with solar. According to Pettit, she will keep the MicroMax for two years. Her exploits will be covered on the Girl Camper’s website, magazine and social media channels over the next two years.

According to Pettit, McDermott is an incredible outdoorswoman who once traveled to the Galapagos islands and swam with sharks and is “a real boondocker.” McDermott plans to travel with her two dogs, as many solo women travelers do, Pettit said.

“Having such a compact RV means I can get up and go with ease,” McDermott said. “I have not sacrificed any comforts. I have a full kitchen, a dinette that converts to a queen bed and another dinette that converts to a twin bed, all with plenty of storage.”

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