EXCLUSIVE: Magnadyne Speaker Enhances Indoor and Outdoor Audio

A picture of the Magnadyne Linear Series LS-BT1B Portable Bluetooth Speaker,

Whether floating on a river or staying inside on a rainy day, RVers can use Magnadyne’s new speaker at any place, any time.

The Linear Series LS-BT1B Portable Bluetooth Speaker was released at the beginning of 2024. The speaker can be mounted inside or outside an RV. A mounting bracket included with the product matches the speaker’s specifications.

The device can connect to a TV through Bluetooth and serve as a soundbar. Magnadyne Operations Manager Ryan Murray said the speakers’ software has been refined to eliminate TV lag often occurring with Bluetooth pairings.

The device provides audio outdoors. RVers can take the speaker along on adventures with them. Whether RVers are hiking up a mountain or floating in a lake, the speaker will hold a beat.

The Ingress Protection (IP)67-rated speaker floats.

“If you are just floating on the river, you can put it on the river with you,” Murray said, “or you can take it in the pool.”

According to Murray, the supplier is targeting overlanding consumers. He said the audience expressed excitement about taking the speaker on excursions.

Murray said, “(We are) focusing on getting to the outdoors and being able to take some music with you.”

The speaker is a multi-linking product, capable of pairing with 99 other Linear Series devices.

A built-in microphone enables RVers to answer calls through the device. The speaker has 12 watts of output power and over seven hours of battery life. The speaker can be charged with a type C charging cable provided with the product. A 3.5-millimeter auxiliary port to connect a device is provided.

The speaker is 8 inches long by 3 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall

The Linear Series will continue to grow as Magnadyne is launching a new Bluetooth module and amplifier within the next month.

The device will be mounted on an RV’s wall.

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