EXCLUSIVE: Midland Device Enables Extended Radio Communication

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Communication evolved throughout centuries. Humans shifted communication methods from letters to telegrams to phone calls to text messages.

RVers seeking off-grid adventures need clear communication methods, regardless of their location.

Today at the Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, Arizona, Midland revealed a device with extended capabilities and connections to support off-grid consumers.

Midland Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Lane said Midland consumers asked for extended range and reliable connections. The GXT67 Pro meets consumers’ needs.

The GXT67 Pro is Midland’s first repeater-capable, handheld radio. Radio repeaters both receive and send radio signals. When paired with a repeater station, the GXT67 Pro gains a stronger connection to other radios, even when obstructions such as trees, hills and mountains are in between the radios. The feature enables the GXT67 Pro to communicate over longer distances.

Lane said, “The GXT67 Pro marks a milestone as we reshape the landscape of handheld communication.”

The 5-watt radio has a general mobile radio service, including a radio channel range between 462 megahertz and 467 megahertz. The radio’s Ingress Protection (IP)67 rating verifies waterproof and dust durability.

The radio comes with accessories including a belt clip, desktop charger, wall adapter and a clip-on DC vehicle charger.

Dealers interested in stocking the device can email [email protected].

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