EXCLUSIVE: New Airstream VP Sees Opportunity Ahead

A picture of Bryan Melton, Airstream vice president of sales.

Bryan Melton spent the past nine years overseeing Airstream’s Travel Trailer division. He said Airstream might be a big brand but the company has a small, family atmosphere.

Melton learned from Airstream Vice President of Sales Justin Humphreys since Melton’s hiring. A week ago, Humphreys announced his departure and Melton was promoted to become the new vice president of sales.

“When I look at where we are and where we want to go,” Melton said, “I see nothing but opportunity.”

Melton said Humphreys was a great mentor in his time at Airstream and expects a seamless transition as Melton moves into his new role. He said he is excited to strengthen dealer relationships and fine-tune the brand’s sales and distribution strategies.

“We have the right partners in our dealer network and we are aimed at ensuring that those dealers are supported with right-sized sales territories and a steady stream of great products,” he said. “Our goal is to have the very best OEM relationship in the business and I think we are well on our way.”

Melton’s Travel Trailer division introduced new features in its products to provide RVers more freedom. Examples include the all-electric Trade Wind trailer introduced in 2024 and the single-axle, off-road capable Basecamp.

Melton said Airstream’s Touring Coach division has similar growth potential.

“The business is constantly changing…but through it all, we have learned that the key is meeting our customers where they are,” Melton said, “with innovative products that build on more than 90 years of iconic history and a national dealer network that provides the very best customer experience.”

The new responsibilities will not alter Melton’s work with Travel Trailer product development. He said he will be even more involved with the schedule as Airstream’s team designs new RVs to meet consumers’ changing needs.

“A strong relationship with our dealers is essential for understanding those needs at the brand level,” he said. “Our dealers are on the front line, talking every day with customers and learning more about what they want out of this lifestyle.”

Having a long and storied history is great, Melton said, but the company does not rest on its historical foundation.

He said, “We have dedicated the business to continuous innovation.”

On the motorized side, innovation has driven new releases such as the Rangeline and Interstate 19X, targeted to consumers seeking a luxury/adventure RV blend.

“It is an important piece of the puzzle,” Melton said of the motorhomes. “It is where we see the most opportunity to evolve and expand our offering. I am excited to take the helm and continue steering these two sides of the business forward.”

Among his most important goals is living up to founder Wally Byam’s standards, Melton said. To do so, he will empower Airstream’s employees with the tools and resources they need while finding new ways to collaborate—within and outside the company.

Melton said, “Meeting the high expectations of our customers, and then exceeding those expectations…that is our guiding light.”

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