EXCLUSIVE: New Battery Series Aimed at RV Market

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Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp. (EV Battery Tech) is launching the IoniX Pro Recreational Vehicle Series (RV Series).

The RV Series includes batteries with a management system and integrated tracking. “The simple answer is it is a line of batteries,” President and CEO Bryson Goodwin said. “The more complex answer is it is an energy storage solution.”

The RV Series provides units the ability to run solely on electric power. The RV Series harnesses the vehicle’s charge, whether it is from solar panels, wind or generators, and retains that power. Though the system will have versatile remote power uses outside the RV industry, its applications include campsite and remote lodging backup power, and as an emergency power supply to cars, boats and trucks.

Because generators typically have a limited time of use, Goodwin said the RV Series also will charge while driving through alternative sources such as solar or wind.

“The RV Series allows an integration of greener alternatives,” Goodwin said, especially with RVers who bring technology like TVs. “As with all our products, we believe our AI-driven battery management system will put us a step ahead of the competition and offer customers an advanced, clean and green solution for their RV needs.”

Customers can view IoniX Pro product details when the RV Series officially launches. Goodwin did not provide a timetable on the launch.

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