EXCLUSIVE: Propane Solution Cuts Adjustment Time

A picture of Lions Management's Quick Connect Manifold

When Dustin Forsling began his career as an RV service technician, then quickly moved into management, he focused on ways to save time on repairs.

Among the repairs Forsling thought took longer than necessary were timed pressure drop tests and regulator adjustments on LP systems.

“When you do a regulator adjustment you are taking apart the LP fittings,” he said. “I wanted to find a way to make the adjustment without having to take it apart.”

His solution is a patent-pending product called the Quick Connect Manifold. The device enables technicians to make adjustments without having to break gas lines open, hook up hoses and the manifold.

A picture of Lions Management's Quick Connect Manifold

“Most shops are flat-rate shops, so the more time you save, the more money you make as a technician,” Forsling said. “This eliminates taking the fittings apart in a safe way with a time-saving device.”

Forsling said the Quick Connect Manifold can cut adjustment time from a half-hour to seven minutes, all while not having to open the LP system.

He made the first product prototype about eight months ago. The manifold fits all RVs produced. The Quick Connect Manifold is available online at lionsmeasurements.com. For more, email [email protected].

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