EXCLUSIVE: Southwire Launches New Product Line

A picture of Southwire National Sales Manager Michael Conway with the 50 Amp Twist-Lock Flex Cordset.
Michael Conway stands next to the RV Detachable Twist-Lock Power Cord box.

A cardboard box displaying a shining, bronze handle sat upon Southwire’s booth at NTP-Stag Expo 2024 in Kissimmee, Florida. Curious attendees stopped to see what the box held.

Southwire launched a new power product line at the distributor show. The power company presented six new power cords and six dog bone adapters.

The RV Detachable Twist-Lock Power Cords model an electric vehicle (EV) charger’s design. The dog bone adapters adapt power from one size to another.

Southwire National Sales Manager Michael Conway said the company’s Voice of Customer research unearthed consumer, OEM and dealer requests. Research participants asked for power cords to have an EV charger feel and an angled connector, decreasing the stress put onto the electrical connection.

Southwire developed a product with a 60-degree handle and a flexible cord to endure harsh weather conditions.

“It stays flexible to where you can coil it up easily,” Conway said, “in 50 degrees Celsius, all the way up to 105 degrees Celsius.”

The power cordsets come in 30-amp and 50-amp options. The cords can be used in any Southwire or twist lock inlet.

Conway received positive dealer feedback at the Expo.

“Dealers are very excited,” Conway said, “and they love the color packaging in the robust box that we put the product in.”

The product will be available to order in the second quarter of 2024. Certain manufacturers are incorporating the cord into 2025 RV models.

The cable cord is manufactured in the United States with most of the wire sourced from Indiana facilities.

“Customers are getting at the same price point, a far superior product,” Conway said, “with a better overall experience for their customer.”

For more information, contact a local Southwire representative or Conway. A question submission form can be filled out on Southwire’s website. More product information will be available on the supplier’s website in the second quarter.

“Southwire is excited to launch our RV Detachable Twist-Lock Power Cord,” Conway said, “that is made with American-made cable and can compete with the Asia import prices and has features that no other cord has.”

The Twist-Lock Cordset 30-amp and 50-amp versions are available in 25-, 30- and 36-foot lengths.

The Twist-Lock Dog Bone Power Adapters include a 15-amp male to a 30-amp Twist-Lock, a 30-amp male to a 30-amp Twist-Lock, a 50-amp male to a 30-amp Twist-Lock, a 15-amp male to a 50-amp Twist-Lock, a 30-amp male to a 50-amp Twist-Lock and a 50-amp male to a 50-amp Twist-Lock.

The Twist-Lock power inlets include a 30-amp and 50-amp version in black or white.


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