EXCLUSIVE: Supplier Continues Canadian Driver Sponsorship

A picture of Amber Alcaen, Canadian NASCAR driver sponsored by Icon Technologies.

The hum of revving engines reverberates from behind a checkered starting line, the sickly-sweet smell of fuel wafts into fans’ noses and excitement builds as the race begins in three…two…one.

A blur of red and white shoots across the track. Icon Technologies’ logo is pasted onto the car of Amber Balcaen, the first Canadian woman to win a NASCAR-sanctioned race in the U.S.

Icon Technologies, an RV plastic component supplier, is sponsoring Balcaen for a full 20-race season in the 2024 ARCA Menards Series. Through Balcaen, Icon is reaching RV tailgaters who absorb motorsports racing’s electric atmosphere.

Icon Marketing Manager Jordan Martindale said NASCAR events are a “largely attended sport for our market.”A picture of Amber Alcaen, Canadian NASCAR driver sponsored by Icon Technologies.

The Manitoba-based supplier originally began sponsoring the Manitoba-raised Balcaen in 2021 when she competed in the ARCA West series. Although Icon’s sponsorship came in late for the 2024 season, the supplier verified they had the necessary resources to provide Balcaen with a full season sponsorship.

The Icon logo adorns Balcaen’s materials such as her car and suit. Merchandise such as miniature collectible ARCA cars are decked in red and white.

Martindale said the company networks at Balcaen’s races. Employees meet dealers and distributors at the tracks. Martindale said he met distributors at the races who heard about Icon through their Balcaen sponsorship.

Martindale said Icon is establishing brand recognition through Balcaen’s racing, helping consumers remember Icon’s name when they need RV replacement parts.

Martindale said the purpose “is more of the general recognition and understanding of us as a service when they need it.”

A picture of Amber Alcaen, Canadian NASCAR driver sponsored by Icon Technologies.As Balcaen races through the 2024 circuit, Icon recognizes the influence she has gained. She made a spot appearance, dressed in her Icon-branded firesuit, in a 2023 Daytona 500 promo watched by 8.7 million viewers nationwide.

“I think there is a lot of optimism around her potential for that,” Martindale said. “And that just gives us a whole other level of exposure within the ARCA series and the potential for her to move up into others.”

Balcaen’s Icon-adorned car will start the ARCA season Feb. 17 when she zooms around Daytona International Speedway.


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