EXCLUSIVE: Supplier Releases New LED Strip

A picture of Global Design and Assembly's LED strips.

An LED lighting RV and auto supplier released a new extruded silicone LED strip.

Colorado-based Global Design and Assembly President Jason Morales said the strip’s extruded aspect makes it “look like one consistent light. So, there are no LED diodes or any sharp spots in the light. It is all very consistent and smooth.”

Morales said the strip has RV awning, exterior lighting and under-cab lighting applications. To ensure strip durability, Morales said the product undergoes burn, water, vibration, heat and UV ray testing.

Morales said strips need to withstand a variation of temperatures and weather conditions.

“We do all of these things from a manufacturing standpoint,” Morales said, “that enables us to have a very stable product for our manufacturers.”

The finalized strip is ready for distribution. Morales said the company has two RV manufacturers on board and is seeking more. Morales said the lighting strips will be shipped monthly in quantities of around 5,000-10,000 to RV manufacturers.

Morales said Global Design and Assembly creates customizable products.

A picture of Global Design and Assembly's logo.

“Whatever the customer needs,” Morales said. “We can build that exact model for them for whatever their application is.”

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