EXCLUSIVE: Supplier Unveils New Balmar OEM Products

A picture of the Balmar SG240 Battery Monitor

CDI Electronics has released three new Balmar OEM products: a battery monitor and two alternators designed for Type B RVs.

 SG240 Battery Monitor SmartShunt

The SG240 Battery Monitor SmartShunt lets users know how much power is left in a lead-acid, LiFePO, AGM or GEL battery.

“This is an evolution of our award-winning SG200 family,” CDI/Balmar Product Manager Chris Witzgall said. “It gives the builder the ability to add the best in battery monitoring to any RV-C system, or operate stand-alone.”

The SG240 reports the state of charge (SOC) of the battery and calculates SOC by incorporating a new feature, the state of health (SOH) of the battery, Balmar literature said. It compares the design capacity of the battery with the actual capacity that degrades over time.

“The SOC for lithium batteries cannot be determined with simple volt meters, as they stay the same voltage until almost depleted,” Witzgall said. “With the new SG240 RV-C SmartShunt, anyone wishing to use lithium batteries in a build can have a proven battery monitoring solution that can use our 2-inch color display and can also integrate with RV-C multiplex and display solutions already in use.”

The 48-volt second alternator

Balmar has introduced two new alternators for Type B RVs built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. Each is designed to work with an external regulator to charge lithium batteries.

Available in 60-amp (2.9 kW) and 100-amp (4.8 kW) versions, the new additions to the Balmar 96-series provide charging power while an RV is stationary, Witzgall said.

“There are some signiA picture of two Balmar 96 series alternators with the word "New" between themficant benefits to using a 48-volt system,” Witzgall. said. “Having the option to charge without moving the vehicle has always been a hallmark of Balmar alternators, and our 96-60A continues this trend.”

Alternator data can be bridged to an RV-C network with by adding CDI’s SG240 SmartShunt.

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