EXCLUSIVE: The CRM Highlights Artificial Intelligence Elements

A picture of lighted blue symbols overlaying a computer and a person with a handheld device symbolizing data and artificial intelligence

The CRM, a customer relationship management company, is offering artificial intelligence (AI) tools to bolster dealer efficiency.

The CRM’s AI is referred to as Olivia, a virtual assistant much like Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri. Olivia can monitor sales communication, generate quotes and suggest ways to compose emails. Olivia also responds to customers through automated lead responses and a website chat.

Rex Gambill, CRM’s national director of sales, worked with The CRM while employed at Mid-State RV Center in Byron, Georgia. Gambill said the AI tools increase RV dealership efficiency.

Gamble said the system is “allowing us to bring cutting-edge technology to the RV industry.”

Gambill said the technology can build an RV quote for a customer. Gambill said the feature can be used if a dealership is out of stock of a specific RV

Gambill refers to CRM’s software as Olivia. However, consumers can change the name to any kind they would prefer.

Olivia highlights areas where management action is needed. The system provides alerts about unanswered emails. The AI software has a machine language learning library tool to recognize words and phrases, such as profanity.

Gambill said he remembered using the technology at Mid-State RV Center.

“At the time, that was pretty revolutionary for me,” Gambill said, “because that meant me and my managers could be notified when those things happened.”

The AI software records and transcribes conversations. Olivia can generate summaries from phone calls or emails so employees can avoid reading through messages’ entireties.

A feature called Olivia Suggests writes emails based on key elements the employee provides. Olivia can write the email in a specific kind of voice to engage the customer. Olivia also performs spell-checking.

The Olivia Suggests feature can suggest options such as video chats in emails. Gambill said video chats became popular during the pandemic and they provide additional communication between consumers and sales staff.

Gambill said Olivia’s response to consumers is useful when consumers contact the dealership while employees are out of the office. Olivia can provide product inventory and information after engaging with the consumer. Dealers can step into the customer-AI interaction at any point.

Gambill said if Olivia does not have an answer to a question, the software will schedule an in-person appointment. Dealerships can include an Olivia chat on their website to speed consumer interaction.

Gambill said Olivia unburdens dealers’ workloads. According to Gambill, The CRM continues to pursue new AI solutions, with around 97 new elements slated in the next year. Gambill said Olivia will be voice-enabled within six months.

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