EXCLUSIVE: Trailersphere Launches RV Organization Tool

A picture of Trailersphere's RV Caddy.

RV utility packing just got organized.

Trailersphere introduced a new product crafted specifically for RV utility needs.

The RV caddy provides an alternative to tossing equipment into a tote. The product is organized with dividers to fit RV necessities.

Items such as leveling blocks, sewer hoses, power adapters and extension cords can fit within the caddy’s compartments. The caddy’s side includes a latex gloves box pocket. The product comes with waterproof storage bags to fit a water filter and a sewer elbow, individually.

Eight mesh pockets surround the bag’s exterior while a tape holder and a flashlight holder hang on the side.

Trailersphere President Avi Alalouf said, “I do not compromise the quality.”

The caddy is constructed with corrugated plastic to prevent water damage.

The lid displays an emergency roadside triangle. Consumers can prop up the removable lid to use as a sign if they are stranded on the roadside. The caddy’s kayak handles promote security.

The RV Caddy can be ordered through NTP-Stag.

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