EXCLUSIVE: Volta Power Systems Releases Updated Inverter

A picture of the Volta Power Supply 3200 watt inverter

Volta Power Systems, an OEM-focused energy systems supplier, launched a new 3,200-watt inverter and control display that will provide customer-requested updates to its traditional power system.

The company’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Jack Johnson, said customers asked for a lightweight system that takes up less space and includes more features.

“Having this type of technology on the coach, you can see usability increase two or three-fold,” Johnson said.

The new inverter delivers essentially the same power as its traditional counterpart, Johnson said, but is 30 percent smaller and more than 93 percent energy efficient, the highest Volta converter efficiency. The inverter is quieter than the previous model.

Additionally, the company’s new LED graphical control display allows the user to choose between an automatic or manual start, with a new auto-sleep function that turns the inverter off to conserve energy.

“The traditional RVer wants to conserve power,” Johnson said.

The new inverter’s power levels still allow RVers to run air conditioning all day or night.

“Customers complained that we made the [traditional inverter] too simple, because you push a button and everything comes on,” he added. “We made the [new inverter] a configurable approach to the user, so they can decide.”

The control display’s touch screen interface will provide users with customization settings and visible data that offers insight regarding power usage. The interface will include a feature that calculates current energy use, power flow and remaining runtime on a charge.

Johnson said a modern display was requested by tech-minded customers who wanted more data and greater control of their experience. The display is a project Volta has been working on for a while, he said.

Other features included in Volta’s new inverter are a fan-less converter that supplies 12-volt outputs from the 51-volt storage pack.

The inverter has been in the works for a year-and-a-half, Johnson added. The commercial-based technology needed more testing and endurance requirements compared with lighter, consumer-focused inverters on the market.

Johnson said Volta’s automobile engineers are focused on building OEM solutions using automobile supply chain research, with the goal of seeing traditional generators replaced with electric vehicle solutions in the future.

“The RV industry is smaller compared to automotive,” Johnson said. “Our focus with these devices is bringing more high-quality automotive technology to maximize performance. Because you pay more for energy, you get more features, high quality, get the efficiency up and have longer run times.

“RV customers are limited by where they can find a campground and whether they have generator hours or not,” he added. “What [Volta’s technology] means is more time off-grid, more time to enjoy your vehicle and not having to worry about finding a campground.”

The new Volta inverter and control display are available in new and retrofitted RVs, and will launch this spring to Volta’s partners.

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