EXCLUSIVE: Wacko Products Launches New AC Silencer

A picture of the Furrion RV/AC Silencer.

After a day spent exploring the outdoors, RVers return to rest and prepare for another day of adventure. For many, their air conditioner’s loud hum keeps them awake overnight.

Wacko Products provides a solution that reduces air conditioner sound but promotes efficiency in various other areas. The supplier’s Furrion RV/AC Silencer FA500 appeared at distributor shows this year.

Wacko owner and President Darrell Abts said the product “gives the dealer a new avenue to provide a solid solution that the customer is looking for.”

The silencer reduces the AC’s sound between 40%-50% and increases airflow availability from 20%-40%. The product channels air and eliminates turbulence so the AC can function efficiently.

The silencer includes a lifetime electrostatic filtration system. The three-dimensional corrugated filter is built with structural strength. The system is coarse on one side and fine on the other, creating static electricity that eliminates dirt, pollen, lint and more. The filter is safe to vacuum and can be hand-washed and air dried.

A recycled cotton duct liner provides acoustic and thermal performance.

The silencer is compatible with Furrion rooftop air conditioners with wall thermostats. The AC Silencer measures 17 inches wide, 17 inches long and 2.25 inches high. Installation takes around 15 minutes.

Abts said accurately installing the silencer is important. In almost any air conditioner, a center divider separates the supply and air intake sides. If the silencer is not installed properly, this divider can become weak and ineffective.

The Furrion AC Silencer has a MAP price of $209.A picture of Wacko Products' RV/Ac Silencer logo.

“We do not want people to buy because of price,” Abts said. “We want people to buy from who they feel comfortable with and who provides the best service.”

Wacko provides dealers with product training. The supplier’s ARC Representation & Consulting representative, Kurt Free, trains dealers.

Abts said he will personally help dealers through a phone call if needed.

“I can help train them online,” Abts said. “Whatever it takes, (we) provide them anything that they need to make them their champion in that store.”

The silencer is available through Arrow Distributing, Foland Sales, Keller Marine & RV, Meyer Distributing and Northern Wholesale Supply. For more information, click here.





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