Expion360 Begins Shipments of Lithium Batteries To AIM Wholesale

A picture of the Expion 360 battery

Expion360, Inc, a supplier of RV lithium batteries and accessories, has begun shipping the company’s lithium-ion batteries and accessories to AIM Wholesale, a distributor of premium wholesale RV parts and accessories to hundreds of dealers, distribution chain partners and retailers nationwide.

Expion360 shipped an initial 192 units in March and is scheduled to ship an additional 320 units over the next six months. The orders are being driven in part by demand from AIM’s customers for Expion360’s 120 amp hours (Ah) lithium-ion batteries. Expion360 products will be distributed through AIM’s Phoenix, Arizona headquarters and regional distribution centers in California, Texas and Utah.

“Expion360 is a top-notch lithium battery and accessory manufacturer that shares our core values of quality and service,” said TJ Spackman, AIM’s director of operations. “Expion360 offers our customers the most dense and minimal-footprint batteries in the RV industry.”

Expion360’s increasing order flow reveals that RV owners are discovering its lithium-ion power storage technology offers superior capabilities over old-style lead-acid batteries, including longer lifespan and more power, as well as a smaller footprint and half the weight. These advantages enable greater flexibility for battery power to be used across many mobile applications.

“As a long established and highly respected national distributor, our new relationship with AIM Wholesale represents a tremendous validation of the innovations we have introduced with our e360 lithium battery product line,” Expion360 CEO John Yozamp said. “AIM’s vast network and far-reaching distribution chain strengthens our B2B wholesale distribution channel, creating a sales multiplier effect by making more Expion360 products more readily available to more dealers nationwide.”

“AIM also helps to accelerate our efforts to capitalize on the ongoing market conversion from lead-acid to lithium batteries as the primary method of power sourcing for RV applications,” Yozamp said.. “We see ourselves at just the beginning of a lengthy period of fast-ramping sales and market expansion.”

AIM Wholesale is a dedicated RV distributor supplying a full range wholesale RV accessories and parts nationwide to dealers. The company was founded in 1978.

Expion360 supplies lithium batteries and accessories for RVs, outdoor, marine, residential, and industrial industries. Expion360 designs and engineers its batteries in Redmond, Oregon.

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